Otaki Guide Map [7296KB pdfファイル] 

Revision and Addition

◆Place to visit 

【Revision】Otaki-jo Castle Museun: Admission is 200 yen for the ages between 15 and 64. 100 yen for high school and college student and free for others as of 2019.


【Addition】 Resort View Otaki  Phone 0470-80-1118   


【Renamed】Hikari House → Resort View Otaki Restaurant  Phone 0470-80-1212 



 Yoro-keikoku (Ravine)  Hiking Map


Yoro-keikoku (Ravine) Hiking Map [6014KB pdfファイル] 



Festivals and Events in Otaki Town

http://www.town.otaki.chiba.jp/index.cfm/10,0,66,html (in Japanese)



 Access – Public transportation

Expressway Bus

Tokyo Sta.(Yaesu) - Ichihara-tsurumai BT - Otaki - Takeyura-no-sato - Katsuura/ Onjuku/ Awa-kominato

※Pick-up/ Drop-off at Otaki (Olive/ Yac’s Drug Store) or Takeyura-no-Sato

www.keiseibus.co.jp/kousoku/tokyo04.html  ※Please select your language.

Other Transportation

http://www.town.otaki.chiba.jp/index.cfm/10,12307,60,html (in Japanese)



Driving Safety Tips in Japan

 If you drive to/ in Otaki for sightseeing purpose, it would be helpful for you to know the basics of safe driving in Japan. 

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Commerce and Tourism Division, Otaki Town Office, Chiba Pref. Japan